Best ideas To Take a Family Vacation in Fort Lauderdale

Have you been planning to travel to Fort Lauderdale for your next vacation? But not sure what to consider and when it is the best time to travel to this destination? It is high time to take out a moment from your busy schedule and go through this article to gather some useful information for your travel. Make the most of your travel by simply considering this write up and turn your trip into unforgettable vacations.

While it comes to traveling, there is no destination and happening destination than the Fort Lauderdale. From its incredible beaches, fine dining, hopping on a water taxi to hanging onto a swamp buggy, everything is spectacular to experience in the FLL. If you are still confused that from where you should start your trip in Fort Lauderdale, then it is the right time to follow this article.

Keep Your Day Free For Best Beaches

Fort Lauderdale is a home of beautiful beaches that is worth to explore with the family. Its extensive shorelines connected by the city’s signature beachfront promenade and wave wall which are known as the cleanest, safe and user-friendly spots for the families. From the South Beach Picnic Area to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park to Iconic Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, every beach has its own charm and beauty to attract tourist from all across the world and giving you major travel goals.

Outdoor Adventure

No matter whether you are traveling with kids or family, Fort Lauderdale has everything to surprise you. It holds amazing outdoor activities that enable you to add amazing fun to your trip. You can explore amazing destinations that can easily drive you crazy and add more fun to your trip.

Water Activities

While traveling to Fort Lauderdale, your trip will be incomplete without experiencing the water activities. Whether take a ferry ride or go for scuba drive, there are amazing options for the travelers. If you are a water lover, then you will be surprised by being to FLL.

Museums and Art Galleries

If you are a budget traveler then it is best to explore the museums and art galleries of FLL. While traveling to this place, make sure you are traveling during the free visiting time. Also, if you traveling to popular museums during the peak time of the season, then it is worth to keep visiting the busy time of the day.

What Are Coach Holidays Really Like?

There’s a very good chance that the words ‘coach holidays’ call to mind a tired, old tour bus full of uncomfortable passengers. All packed in tight, the people you’re thinking of are also the kinds of people you take holidays to get away from. Really, your mental image of a coach holiday belongs to the 70s or 80s. What defines a coach holiday these days is a world away from the stuffy climate that characterised them in years gone by.

In fact, coach holidays have become one of the best ways to enjoy the very finest attractions that Britain and Europe have to offer. Thanks to advances in onboard technology and vehicle design, it’s possible to sit back in comfort and watch landscape after landscape unfold in front of you as you sit in total comfort. Surrounded by like-minded people and knowledgeable guides, you’re taken to all the best spots without ever having to trouble yourself with planning or arrangements.

Not too bad for a holiday you’d already dismissed in your head, right?

It’s not just the experience of travelling on a coach that has changed, either. Indeed, everything from the itineraries to the hotels that are visited along the way have undergone something of a minor revolution. For example, a quick browse of the latest tours on offer reveals that it’s possible to visit the Scottish Highlands, the Rhine, or the picturesque coasts of Croatia. Again, this will perhaps come as something of a surprise to anyone who hasn’t given coach tours proper consideration.

Open to absolutely everyone, there are providers who specialise in family holidays as well operators who offer their itineraries exclusively to seniors. There’s also a range of coach tours which have been carefully designed for solo travellers, too. Basically, there’s a tour out there for anyone and everyone.

You’ll also find various speciality holidays that are offered through coach tour operators. Take, for instance, the Oberammergau Passion Play that can be attended as part of a coach holiday. Performed in Germany at the end of every decade, this unique experience is no doubt best enjoyed when the organization and transport is left to some experts.

Similarly, there are coach tours which visit the Mercure George Washington Hotel in Newcastle. This remarkable hotel offers a ‘locally inspired experience’ which allows visitors to turn back time and get a sense of how life used to be in a bygone era.

Ultimately, coach holidays are one of the best kept secrets amongst travellers and there’s never been a better time to find an itinerary and escape in comfort. Whether you want to explore Britain, catch the sun in Europe, or simply enjoy something completely new and exciting, you’re sure to find it with a coach holiday.

What to visit in Marrakech?


1- Bahia Palace

Visiting Marrakech without visiting its magnificent palace is impossible! A former nineteenth century palace of eight hectares, the Bahia Palace is one of the masterpieces of Moroccan architecture and Islamic art, one of the major monuments of the country’s cultural heritage, and one of the main places of tourism in Morocco!

2- Palm grove of Marrakech

The Palmeraie of Marrakech has more than 100,000 trees on about 15,000 hectares, mainly palm trees as well as a production of dates and a vegetable garden. It is a natural and tourist heritage well known in Morocco that you must absolutely do if you come to visit Marrakech. In addition, it is possible to explore this place during a camel ride or time for a quad ride!

3- The Majorelle Garden

The Majorelle Garden is one of the most visited sites in Morocco! This place was created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, who took nearly 40 years to complete his “work”. The garden contrasts sharply with the rest of the city, and one sometimes has the impression of evolving in a living tableau. The colors of the buildings and earthenware mingle with the exotic plants, and give the whole a haunting charm.

4- The Ourika Valley

30 km from Marrakech, treat yourself to a bit of authenticity and nature in the Ourika Valley. Time for a hike, lose yourself in its mesmerizing landscapes made of glowing mountains and expanses of lush vegetation …

5- The Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia mosque was built in the 12th century, in the heart of the Medina. With its 77 meter high minaret and sober yet elegant architecture, it is now considered the symbol of Marrakech. It has impressive dimensions and can accommodate up to 20,000 worshipers in the Great Hall of Prayer.

6- The Atlas Mountains

A few hours drive from Marrakech, the Ourika Valley in the Moroccan High Atlas is a real sight to see. The temperature can drop, so bring a little sweater or jacket and take your best walking shoes. The path in the mountain is rocky, you will cross small bridges over the rivers flowing on the slopes of the mountain. The view from the mountains is superb and well worth a day trip.

7- Jemaa el-Fna square

Traditional place and nerve center of Marrakech, the place Jemaa el-Fna seduces all travelers who venture there. Singers meet snake charmers, dancers and fortune tellers … A must-go that will not cost you a dime!

8- Menara Gardens

What to do in Marrakech when you want to escape the tumult of the city? Between basins and olive trees, it is in the gardens of Menara that you can come and relax. Set in the Almoahade dynasty, they are about 45 minutes’ walk from Jemaa el-Fna Square in central Marrakech.


1- The bus

Regular bus lines from the ALSA company allow you to reach cities located a few dozen kilometers from Marrakech.

For longer distances, different providers offer trips to Essaouira, Safi, Agadir or Ouarzazate. The two major companies, Supr @ tours and CTM are particularly effective. The first depends on the ONCF, the equivalent of the SNCF.

The bus station is located in Bab Doukkala and it is in the lobby that you can get bus tickets.

2- Taxis

By going to taxi stations (there are several, the main ones are located next to the Koutoubia in Sidi Mimoun and Bab Doukkala), it is possible to call a taxi by agreeing beforehand with the driver on the conditions.

Taxis called “collective” offer regular lines to cities around Marrakech. Transport conditions are somewhat spartan due to sharing the taxi with other passengers and it is necessary to wait to reach the number of passengers to start.

3-Tourist transport

In small groups of ten people, consisting of individuals or groups, you can discover points of interest by traveling by minibus. The service usually includes transport, but also photo stops and the visit of cooperatives. Many agencies exist in the medina and in the new city Gueliz. Make sure, however, of the durability of the company to avoid any inconvenience.

4- Car rental

The car rental agencies are numerous. Alongside international brands such as Hertz, Sixt, Avis or Europcar, Locatmane Cars, Atmane Cars, local agencies also offer this service.

8 Safaris in Africa and What You’ll Find in Them


One of the words that are often associated with Africa is “safari”.

We then get an image of men and women wearing brown hats, polo shirts, and shirts riding safari jeeps with cameras and binoculars in their hands. Surrounding them are fields of green and brown and animals such as lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and cheetahs.

Indeed, you’ll find tourists dressed like those on safari trips. The continent of Africa also has more safaris and tourist spots to offer, and those aren’t the only animals that you can see.

Here are eight different safaris from Africa and the sights and animals you will find in them:

  1. Uganda This part of Africa has many national parks to offer such as the Kibale, Kidepo, Mountain Rwenzori, Bwindi, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Semuliki, Sipi Falls Mount Elgon, and Mgahinga Gorilla. Uganda also lets you visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. You can also track chimps and trek the mountains and national parks in search of the gorillas.
  2. Kenya The safaris of Kenya is one of the best ways you can explore Africa’s best. The Emakoko National Park is where you can visit and witness a wildlife rhino and elephant orphanage and a giraffe sanctuary. The Samburu National Reserve also houses buffalos, elephants, and big cats in true wildlife. You can also witness and interact with giraffes at the Giraffe Manor. The Lewa Reserve is also one of Kenya’s main safaris and is a tourist favorite. The Meru National Park is one of Africa’s lesser-known parks but also offers tourists an experience of actual wildlife.
  3. Tanzania This part of Africa offers majestic views of the Arusha National Park, the Karatu and Ngorongoro Farm House and Crater, and Serengeti National Park. You can also interact with the locals of Mto Wa Mbu, the Hadzabe tribe, and the Datoga tribe.
  4. Rwanda If what you are aiming to witness are gorillas, the safaris of Rwanda are what you should opt to visit. The Nyungwe Forest National Park houses chimpanzees in its lush green rainforest. You can also experience trekking the mountains in search of gorillas. The Volcanoes National Park and Lake Kivu can also be found in Rwanda.
  5. South Africa This section of the continent is the perfect destination for families. The safaris of South Africa house a variety of animals, from lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and cape buffalos. It is also home to many iconic beaches, valleys of vineyards, and an 18-hole golf course. You can also visit its most famous city, Cape Town.
  6. Swaziland This African land is known as one of the last three remaining monarchial countries in Africa. While small, the nation is home to approximately a hundred species of mammals and 500 bird species. Their safaris are also one of the less visited by tourists, making it the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy and experience wildlife without crowds.
  7. Botswana Another family favorite, Botswana houses game reserves, and safaris that are beautifully picturesque. Should you visit Botswana during the rainy season, you can witness in full bloom the Okavango Delta region where the waterways, islands, and lakes are the main sights. It is also home to the elephant, buffalo, antelope, and zebra paradise at the Chobe, the Kalahari grasslands, and the salt pans of Makgadikgadi.
  8. Namibia Aside from the wildlife, Namibia prides itself for its vast deserts and sand domes. One of the tourist spots in this area is the Kaokoveld with its coastal desert. The Etosha National Park is also abundant with animals.

To sum it up, Africa is truly rich in wildlife and opportunities to witness and interact with nature. Canadians can book a safari tour package, inclusive of insurance, meals, accommodations, and tour guides to these eight beautiful African lands from Adgentes Africa Safari. With our packages and a team of tour experts, you can be sure that you will experience Africa’s best.

Things To Do In Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canada is always known to the world as the land of snow. The snow-capped beautiful land is a must visit for all the globe trotters, because it is a land that offers you so many fun-filled activities. Due to its considerably large size, it may not be possible to travel through the length and breadth of the country. Therefore, if you are wondering where to travel in Canada, we would give you a first for Toronto.

Why Toronto?

If you are looking for an idle vacation jam-packed with a variety of activities then no other place other than Toronto in Canada. The cosmopolitan city is a hub for fusion food, umpteen number of festivals, breathtaking adventures and lots of fun.

Get a Toronto city pass to explore all the major attractions


  1. Do not miss the CN Tower

If you are in Toronto, you just can’t afford to miss the CN Tower, that has always stood really tall with a height of 553.33m in Toronto. It was once upon a time the world’s tallest tower and has always been the pride of Canada. This tower in Toronto even now dominates the landscape in full swing.

This Toronto tower got its name from Canadian National, the railway company which had built the tower.

CN tower in Toronto comes with so many restaurants where you can splurge and devour the best Canadian food. The most popular CN restaurant is the 360-degree restaurant.

The CN tower tickets in Toronto have a validity of 90 days from the date of purchase, where the maximum transactions can be only 8. Be extra careful in not being provided with fake tickets through any third parties. The tickets to CN Tower can be availed online as well.

CN Tower edge walk

CN Tower edge walk is the most sought after by tourists in Toronto. The edge walk is normally referred to as the Canadians signature walk. Most of the tourists who want to experience extreme thrills, certainly try to get their hands on this once in a lifetime experience in Toronto. This is the world’s first and only free walk-on the top activity. It is done from the tower’s main pod.

Worried about the safety of CN Edge walk in Toronto? Please do not fret, since this is done with the highest international safety and security standards in Toronto.

  1. Explore The Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario is the most famous art museum in Toronto.

The gallery has a magnificent collection of more than 95,000 works. This is also known as the largest galleries in North America. It has excellent artworks from Africa and Europe. The gallery is also famous for its oceanic art and contemporary art in Toronto.

In addition to display galleries, the art gallery has a library, restaurants and plenty of cafes. The gallery is open every day except Mondays.

  1. Savour good food at St Lawrence Market

The best thing about St Lawrence Market in Toronto is that it is rated as the best food market in the world by National geography in 2012. The options for food here is more than what you would have ever eaten in your entire life. Trust me! The wide variety of food options you find here, from farm fresh vegetables to oven baked cookies are gonna make you crave for more food each time you pass by this place in Toronto

So many restaurants are popular for their different cuisine and people normally address every restaurant here as the St. Lawrence Market restaurants.

This market in Toronto is pretty huge and divided into three main buildings. One is called North Market, the second South Market and the other St Lawrence Hall.

The timings of this Toronto market are quite tricky. It closes completely on Sundays and Mondays. Whereas opens from 5 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and the rest of the days from 8 am to 6 pm. Fridays they close only by 7 pm. Phew! Quite a lot to understand in the first go.

  1. See the splendid Casa Loma

Casa Loma in Toronto is another distinctive pride of Canada. It is considered as one of the best landmarks of Toronto. The structure of Casa Loma has always been a marvel for all the tourists.

This was once upon a time the largest private residence of Canada. Later when it got transformed to a hotel due to so many issues the Toronto castle was a hotspot for all the affluent Americans, because this was the only place where liquor was legally available in Toronto.

The castle was built during World War 1 by Sir Henry Pellatt. It was the dream house for the Pellets in Toronto. You will be amazed to hear that it took more than 300 people to build this gigantic Toronto castle. Later, when the economy of Canada faced a financial crisis they were forced to leave the palace in Toronto. Now it is open to people all over the globe as a museum. It has been well preserved later by the nation.

The Casa Loma in Toronto is known to the world for its mighty gothic interiors. The 98 large rooms inside the castle have always left people astonished. The castle is located in five acres and it also has a peaceful garden that adds to the entire beauty.

This castle in Toronto is a must visit for all the history lovers.

  1. Visit Bata Shoe Museum

Have you ever heard of a shoe museum? Yes, you heard us right, there is a shoe museum in Toronto, Canada. It is known as the Bata Shoe Museum. You wouldn’t spend time to hunt for this museum in Toronto, because the museum itself is shaped like a shoe. So it isn’t that difficult to spot the shoe museum from a distance.

The Bata Museum in Toronto has a collection of more than 12,000 shoes and there is a story behind the shoe museum. It is quite an interesting one. Mrs Sonja Bata, the founder of the shoe museum was highly passionate about footwear. Whenever she travelled with her husband who had numerous business trips, Mrs Bata was out shopping for traditional and different kinds of footwear. Later, it became so difficult for her to accommodate her entire shoe collection inside her private residence. Therefore, she built a museum in Toronto for displaying her wonderful footwear. It is also an organisation dedicated to footwear research.

The Bata museum is one of the most unique museums in Toronto. All the crazy footwear lovers its high time to visit this shoe museum, which is a very special experience for anyone in Toronto.

  1. Unwind at Toronto Islands

Hop onto a ferry and find your way to the Toronto islands. It isn’t that tough to get to the islands, because there are numerous ferries which only takes ten minutes to reach there. If you aren’t that comfortable to get on to a ferry, you can even take a private water taxi to the Toronto islands.

There are three different island points in Toronto islands. Centre, Hanlan’s and Ward’s island. Once you reach any of these islands it very easy to go to the other two points because it is in walkable distance

The Toronto islands are the perfect getaways for families. You can even play volleyball and take bikes for rents and ride all around to explore the hidden gems within the islands.

The Toronto islands ferry tickets prices are $7 and above.

  1. Watch the gigantic Niagara falls

Though the mighty Niagara Falls is not exactly in the centre of Toronto, it is just two hours drive from Toronto. So it would definitely be a miss if you don’t pay a visit to this major tourist attraction of Canada that attracts millions of people every year.

It is normally said that the best time to visit Niagara Falls is between June to August. Mainly because the Niagara Falls weather is at its best and there isn’t any scorching heat during this time. Also, the tides and the mists are smooth and normal. So you get to enjoy the warmth of the Niagara Falls in its entirety.

Niagara Falls easily takes an entire day of yours. Viewing this magnificent river itself takes some hours. Also, they have plenty of observation towers, hotels, museums casinos and indoor water parks around this area. If you need to spend a night here, book your stay in any of the hotels that can also give you a splendid view from the hotel room. Make sure to book, simply because this is the most tourist swarmed area in Ontario, therefore being extra cautious always helps.

  1. Spend some great time in the Royal Ontario Museum

The locals of Toronto consider this as the newest landmarks of Toronto. The sleek architecture of the museum itself gives a great feel and look to the museum.

People in Toronto generally call it ROM. More than adults, kids enjoy this spot in Toronto, because they get mesmerised with the splendid dinosaur collections, bat caves and much more.

If you want to visit this place for free, then make sure you are in Toronto during the third Monday of every month. You can roam around inside the 40 galleries of ROM for free.

The galleries of the museum talk about the diverse world cultures and give more emphasis on the history of Canada. All those people out there who have been looking forward to getting some great information about the history of Canada you are in the right spot in Toronto.

  1. Feel the sea life in Ripley’s Aquarium

This aquarium in Toronto is located at the base of the CN tower, therefore you can tick this off your list the very same day you pay a visit to the CN Tower.

Ripleys entertainment owns three aquariums and this is one of the aquariums owned by them in Toronto. It has so many marine inhabitants in its 135,000 sq ft.

This is the biggest aquarium in Canada. Kids are certainly going to enjoy this wonder because it gives you the actual underwater experience to cherish forever. The marine creatures walk above you, beneath you and through your sideways in this Toronto aquarium.

They have lit the insides of the aquarium in soothing blue which helps you get an out of the world experience when you are here.

  1. Say hi to the animals in Toronto Zoo

All set to visit the world’s largest zoo that draws more than 1 million people every year? This Toronto Zoo is going to be a visual treat for all those wildlife lovers.

The Toronto zoo has always been in the records for so many great initiatives. It has won several accolades and awards for its Gorilla rainforest, African Savanna, Kids Zoo etc.

Your children are going to love this place because this Toronto zoo has always been the best with its walk trails and the unique water play zone known as the Splash island.

  1. Take a stroll at Distillery District

If you are leaving Toronto without taking a walk at the distillery district of Toronto, we would say it wouldn’t be a great decision. Try to include the distillery district of Toronto too in your list because this place has so much to offer.

Twenty years ago the visionaries of Toronto wanted to build a unique place for the locals to experience good food, good ideas, better lifestyle and much more. That’s how the Distillery district in Toronto came into existence. This is one of its kind because the artists rubbed shoulders with each other in this unique place and displayed their artwork here. The talents of thousands of people were harnessed and over the years this became the pride of the people of Toronto.

When you step into this place in Toronto, what you find is a perfect blend of the traditional & contemporary artwork. The buildings are designed in the Victorian style and the interiors are designed with the 21st century contemporary designs. See it for real to see the efforts that went behind this beautiful world.

  1. Relax at High Park

High Park is considered as a gem amidst the bustle of the Toronto city. Majority of the national park is in its natural form, that’s what makes this park unique when compared to other national parks of Canada.

The best time to visit High Park in Toronto would be during spring. Mainly because you can behold the splendid cherry blossoms. If you are focusing on that, then please visit this beautiful land during April and May. Be prepared for a crowd during this time, because most of the tourists are here for the cherry blossoms of High Park.

You may take a trackless train that gives a 30-minute drive around the high park in Toronto. This gives you sweeping views of the entire park. You may even hire a bicycle and explore the garden throughout cycling. During winters you can go for cross country skiing. Above all, High park offers you so many activities for every season.

  1. Loiter in Kensington Market

Spend an entire day in the wonderful Kensington market of Toronto. Always known for its best vintage stores, great food centres and street art. This market caters to every person in the world since it has housed almost everything under the sun here in Toronto.

This place is swarmed by tourists and has always caught the shutter bug’s eyes.

There are so many guided tours offered by several people who help you get insights on its authentic culinary heritage. Let it be fine dining or a food stand with diverse food, you have it here in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

  1. Know more about Harbourfront Centre

This centre in Toronto has always been a great host to many cultural events and art exhibitions. Any time of the year you have something or the other happening here in Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre.

They always have a month dedicated completely to a theme based event. One season is mainly for food, another for dance, third for kids and the list goes on and on.

Harbourfront Centre helps you understand the importance Toronto gives for arts and culture. Almost every nook and corner of the Toronto streets are embellished with arts.

If you are in Toronto during winter and have always been wanting to try a hand in skating, then do not miss Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre.

What do you not find in Harbourfront is a question that you keep on asking yourself as you wander through the roads. From the finest of restaurants to the best souvenir shop, you get everything here.

6 Things to Do in Vilnius in the Summertime

Vilnius attracts more and more tourists every year and has already become one of the most popular capital cities in Eastern Europe, especially among long weekend travelers. Even if you are going to spend only single day here, you still might have a great time and all you need to do is plan your trip in advance. So for everyone planning to visit the capital city of Lithuania in the summertime, we have a list of top 6 activities to attend while being in Vilnius. These activities include sightseeing UNESCO heritage sites, admiring nature and contemporary art, lying on the beach near lakes, having a cup of coffee while enjoying panoramic view and finally tasting dinner cooked from local seasonal products. Keep reading and find out more about things local people recommend to do in Vilnius during the season of summer holidays.

Let’s take a walk

It is always a good idea to start your stay in Vilnius by joining free walking tours arranged daily by Lithuanian guides (Vilnius with Locals Tours). To see most of the attractions of the city, you should consider taking part in two-hour Old Town & Užupis tour. Vilnius Historic Centre is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and is preserved for its Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and classical architecture while Užupis district (self-declared Republic of artists) is full of art shops, unexpected installations and has an atmosphere of freedom and bohemian spirit.

On the other hand, if you want to see Vilnius from a different perspective, then you should step outside from the city centre into the periphery and find lesser known and sometimes even hidden from tourists places. It is the best way to get acquainted with not so shining but the real face of Vilnius during free alternative Vilnius tours. These tours show modern street art objects and everyday life of Lithuanians while visiting station area and Naujamiestis district.

A moment to relax

After a walking tour you might want to take a seat and enjoy some coffee to get energized for the rest of your day. A lovely place to do that is Subačiaus street panoramic viewpoint with café in the neighborhood. Here you can admire the panorama of Vilnius and see Gediminas Castle, Hill of Three Crosses, TV Tower, church spires and many more in the distance. An information stand will help you spot all aforementioned objects. However, if you prefer the city bustle, then you should visit Pilies street which is aligned with the oldest buildings of Vilnius and is full of outdoor cafés, restaurants, souvenir shops and people rushing around.

Enjoy the nature

The greatest place in Vilnius to spend a wonderful afternoon surrounded by nature is Vilnius University Botanical Garden. The bloom of rhododendrons starts in May but some of the species delight us till the end of June. Nevertheless, the main adornment of the garden are peonies and roses. They fill the air up with light aroma and surprise visitors with the variety of colors and abundance of blossoms. In addition to this, the perfect calmness, murmur of the old trees and singing birds supplement the picturesque landscapes of flower fields. The best time to visit Botanical Garden of Vilnius University and familiarize with local flora is in the beginning of summer, but this place is not the only one that can amaze every nature’s lover.

A place where nature and art merge

Park of Europe (Europos Parkas) is another remarkable green site in Vilnius, yet it is an outdoor museum of modern art as well. There you can find a collection of over 100 sculptures under the open sky created by artists from countries all over the world (among them are such artists as Dennis Oppenheim and Solas Le Witt). What is more, Europos Parkas was established in 1991 to denote a spot where geographic centre of Europe is located (as determined by the French National Geographic Institute in 1989). Thus while walking in the park, you will officially be in the middle of Europe!

Lie on the beach

Not far away from the Park of Europe there is one more worth visiting place – Verkiai Regional Park with Green Lakes. So when you will get tired of excursions, you might want to rest just like most summer tourists do. In Verkiai Regional Park you can simply lie down on the beach and refresh yourself in the water of six Green Lakes. There are also basketball and volleyball courts for visitors who prefer active leisure. You may rent a boat or participate in jogging, too. This way enclosed by beautiful surroundings you will feel the relaxing vacation atmosphere, just don’t forget to sample some homemade ice-cream or delicious local drinks.

Taste Lithuanian cuisine

After the intense day you will definitely want to fill your belly with yummy food. For this reason, the last but not the least thing you must do in Vilnius is to taste local dishes. If you think that Lithuanian cuisine consists of only black bread, zeppelins and potato pancakes, then come to Sweet Root in Užupis and their chefs will prove you are wrong. This restaurant is one of the most popular spots to taste seasons-inspired cuisine. When choosing ingredients owners of the Sweet Root focus on locally sourced produce that grows in Lithuania at that particular time of a year. Large part of the products are from their own garden, forests and meadows. The rest arrive from trusted Lithuanian farmers.

We hope that these top 6 things to do in Vilnius during the summertime will make your trip planning easier and you will experience pleasant holiday while spending as much time outdoors as possible. If you still lack of ideas about what to do and see in Vilnius, Lithuania or you would like to be guided through your stay here, then ask for help and leave all the organisational tasks to friendly and professional local guides. See you in Vilnius this summer!

Great Destinations for a Motorcycle Camping Trip

When you travel by motorcycle, everything is more free and simplistic. There are countless places you can go and endless scenic paths for you to explore when you get there. One of the best parts of owning a bike is simply being able to go camping whenever the urge arises.

Before you set out on your journey however, it is important that you are able to spend some time investigating ideal locations for you to camp! You’ll also want to invest in some lightweight motorcycle camping gear that will help to keep your motorcycle camping adventure on track!

Monument National Park, Colorado

If you want a serene experience in the middle of the canyons, this trip is for you. You’ll have ample space to explore the winding trails that seem to stretch on for miles upon miles. You’ll also be able to take your pick between camping in a spot that has been marked out by the camp and picking your own spot and backwoods camping.

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

If you want to spend the weekend tucked into the mountains, you’ll enjoy setting up your motorcycle camping gear in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This breathtaking mountain range has many wonderful views that can be visited and miles upon miles of trail for you to explore!

Hidden Valley Campsite, California

For a peaceful getaway full of lovely views, be sure to investigate the hidden valley campsite in Joshua Tree, California. It may be difficult to find the entrance and trying to navigate the campsite was certainly not an easy feat. You’ll find yourself easily immersed in the beautiful scenery.

Table Rock Lake, Missouri

If you enjoy the natural calm and peace that comes from being in peaceful and natural surroundings, you’ll want to look into Table Rock Lake. This campsite is surrounded by the rocky fixtures that have come to define the Ozarks and a peaceful lake that stretches on for miles and miles. There are also many trails and roads that are great for exploration!

Nelder Grove Campground, California

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Sequoia Grove in Nelder Grove Campground! This fantastic campground is located down a forest service road and puts you right in the middle of some of the most beautiful trees in the United States. You’ll love the fantastic views that come from spending time among the biggest trees in the world!

Cloudland State Park, Georgia

This fantastic state park is situated on a 1,000 fut gulch positioned on the side of Lookout Mountain. You’ll love the breathtaking views and amazing scenery that come with this special campsite. There are also many trails that descend deep into the gulch that descend past waterfalls and mysterious caverns.

Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Soak in the beauty of sandstone canyons and beautiful waterfalls that make up the magnificent landscape that is Starved Rock State Park. You’ll love watching the beautiful water cascades and the sprawling scenery that defines the stunning beauty of this campsite.


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5 Places for Great Third Wave Coffee in Barcelona

Coffee lovers rejoice. Whether you’re stopping off for a quick espresso, a place to enjoy free wifi and a flat white or somewhere to watch your barista slowly and masterfully preparing a drip coffee, this guide to Barcelona’s best coffee shops has all of your needs covered. You may pay a little more here than in your standard bars however aficionados will delight in the strength, flavour and finesse that these coffees – alongside that all important caffeine kick – will provide.

Satan’s Coffee Corner

Barcelona’s original third wave coffee shop, Satan’s Coffee Corner has been serving quality beans to the city’s cool kids and creatives since the opening of their shared storefront in Raval back in 2012. Now situated on a narrow street in the Gotico neighbourhood – as well as the more upmarket Eixample district where they can be found dishing out devilishly delightful treats on the ground floor of hip hotel Casa Bonay – coffee purveyors can revel in hellishly good coffee, breakfasts, snacks, drinks and a curated selection of merch to boot.

Onna Coffee

A petite spot in the Gracia neighbourhood surrounded by independent fashion shops, Catalan bistros, bars and close to many a relaxed square, Onna Coffee Roasters make ‘Good Coffee with Craft Care’. With a Costa Rican owner and baristas who know there way around a brew – and the machines needed to make one – this tiny cafe serve potent coffee, a selection of teas, sandwiches and desserts. From flat whites to cold brews and an AeroPress, this is a fabulous spot to sip on something strong and watch the world go by.


With three outposts dotted around the city including our favourite coffee bar on the pretty Passatge Sert, NOMAD coffee is a bit of an institute in Barcelona. Roasting, serving, experimenting and advising, these guys host barista training courses, sell there own products online and to a host of other coffee shops throughout the city. Friendly and found in some of our favourite hoods – as well as any event or pop-up with credibility – at NOMAD, you can refuel with delicious brews in stylish surroundings.

Espai Joliu

Serving the aforementioned NOMAD coffee, Espai Joliu is a place where plants meet coffee. A concept store and cafe, the industrial interiors – think exposed beams, distressed walls and hanging lights – are softened by the lush greenery filling the space and the selection of curated indie magazines stacked up on wooden shelving. A hip place to hang out in the Poblenou area with a mix of locals, travellers and workers, if you’re unable to grab a seat here, their recently opened sister property Orval, a 15 minute walk towards the city centre, is a lighter and slightly larger venue, equally as beautiful and a great place to sip that NOMAD coffee amongst greenery, neon lighting and plants.

Three Marks Coffee

Three Marks Coffee may be relative newcomers to the Barcelona speciality scene but that doesn’t make them any less special. Roasting and brewing their own goods – as well as supplying them to more of the city’s cool outposts – the guys here are friendly, helpful and ready to educate patrons on all things coffee related. Also serving breakfasts, sandwiches and pastries from their large glass fronted store on Carrer d’Ausiàs Marc – alongside Nitro Cold Brew, Kombucha and Chai Latte, this is fast becoming on our favourite haunts on the coffee trail.

Russia travel tips – is it safe to travel to russia ?

Russia may not be a good choice for the majority of travelers wishing to visit Europe.

With its questionable situation of peace and order, especially in the regions of Chechnya, the impression of Communist rule still resides to most, and the frigid climate throughout the country especially during the winter, Russia should be uninviting to most. But that was in the past. Now, though the shadows of the past Soviet still exist, Russia is a place worth visiting.

Travelers would not be disappointed by a number of historical sites telling how rich the history of Russia is. There are numerous museums, parks and untouched nature.

Visiting Russia can be very costly considering country distance. However, with several online

travel companies, the price tag is considerably lower than it was before. To get cheap and affordable travel for Russia, all you have to do is search the cheap tours websites. Tours and packages are available for groups and families who decide to stop in Russia.

More About Russia

Whilst Moscow and St. Petersburg are the country’s primary cities, Russia has to discover several side countries. Nevertheless, be careful when flying. Make sure that you know the places you plan on visiting very well.

You may have some trouble communicating with locals particularly if you’re away on these

two cities. But if you can understand the Russian language, you will have no problem at all.

Russia is a great country. It is actually the world’s largest country with a population twice

as big as the United States. It covers Europe through Asia and is divided into 11 time zones.

Climate has been the biggest issue for those planning to travel to Russia, it’s like you’re going to Siberia. When winter comes to an end most people visit Russia. Usually this is for

May-September. During these times the summer is perfect, unlike the usual impression.

Russia Travel Safety tips

When traveling to Russia you decide to learn as many things as you can. Know the language, the

people, the culture, how to get around, and know where the U.S. is. Located at the embassy.

Do not carry too much cash and expensive jewellery. Never open your wallets. Use money belt which you can wear around your neck. It is more secure than wallet. Be vigilant when

among others, in crowded places such as public markets, public transportation, and tourist sites. Be constantly aware of the pickpockets.

If you go from one point to another, don’t hail on unmarked taxis and cars. Never share taxi

with other people you don’t know, as well. If you plan on traveling by bus or train, take

additional precaution.

If you plan on drinking in public places, make sure that you have someone who remains sober.

Any sign of intoxication could attract professional thieves and robbers.

Make sure other people at home know your itineraries and contact numbers and your travel document numbers, such as your passport before you leave. If something goes wrong, they’d know where to find you. Make sufficient photocopies of your airplane tickets, passport, visa, and all travel documents. Leave a copy to someone you know, or to your home.

Check travel warning and avoid the Ingushetia, Chechnya’s North Caucasus, Stavropol Krii’s

eastern and southern parts, and Dagestan regions. These places could be a tourist hazard. Avoid drinking water from the Tap. Drink bottled water instead. If the bottled water is not available, first boil the water before drinking.

All of these might help you safely make it through your trip to Russia.

How to Become a Travel Writer: 5 Essential Tips to Know

Asian woman travel nature. Travel relax. Study read a book. Nature Education Write a note At Waterfall Use summer. In Thailand

When asked what you’re dream job is do you say, travel writer? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Being a travel writer is two great activities combined. If you like writing and you like to travel, then becoming a travel writer could be high on your to-do list.

Keep reading for five essential tips on what you should know if you plan to become a travel writer.

1. Travel and Write

The first tip might seem a bit obvious but if you’re going to be a travel writer, then you need to travel and write. Being a travel writer means that you go to an iconic location and then write about it.

You can go on an around the world tour or even check out a tourist attraction near your house if you can’t afford to go far yet. Another option would be to think of one of your past trips if you haven’t been able to travel in a while.

Wherever you go or whatever you do you need to write about it. Writing about all your experiences will help to make you an even better travel writer. You could write about your experience of a restaurant that you went to.

No matter how far along you are on being a travel writer the number one tip is to always be writing. Writing anything and everything can help to eliminate writer’s block especially when you need to write the most.

2. Start Small

Getting started in travel writing is definitely not easy and you need to find a place to start. You will want to start by creating a portfolio, which could essentially be your own blog or just something that you can advertise yourself to the world. You will want to include your biography, past and present travels, social media feeds and then space where you can post your articles, photos, and videos.

You may be thinking to yourself that you have none of these things which is why you need to start small. Going to a local tourist attraction can be a great start for your travel writing. Just because it may be familiar to you does not mean that it is familiar to the people who will be reading your blog.

It also can help you write a better article because you already are close to the subject. Having a portfolio is a great way to show off your work and see if people will be interested in you and what you have to offer.

3. Know What Point You’re Trying to Make

When it comes to writing a travel article you need to know what point you’re trying to convey to your audience. You want to keep your audience interested so when it comes to writing a piece what are you trying to teach them?

Just going on a trip isn’t enough, but instead, you will need a clear storyline when it comes to travel writing.  Good ways to convey your story to your reader is to use dialogue, use the show, don’t tell method of writing, use vivid langue, and lastly, aim to entertain your audience not just impress them.

It isn’t always easy to create the most entertaining and thought-provoking piece but to be a good travel writer you want to show your audience the goal of your article. When it comes to traveling you will meet so many interesting and unique people who can become characters in your travel writing. These characters can stand out and help to narrate what you’re trying to show to your audience.

You will also need to know what is important when trying to make your point. Most travel pieces are going to be about 1,000 to 2,000 words so you may have to scrape some of the elements of your piece that don’t fit.

4. Make Sure You Can Perfect Your Work

You won’t want to just write as much about your trip as you possibly can but rather construct a great story and every story needs an end. You may want to take some extra time to reflect on your trip before publishing your article right away.

Think about your conclusion. Think about where you started, and reflect on your entire journey in your conclusion. Your conclusion needs to be more than just telling your audience you want to go back to a certain location.

Giving yourself some extra time to perfect your work can also help to free it from any mistakes. Read through your piece very carefully before submitting it. You will want to make sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes, or incorrect phone numbers or web address. When producing your work you want to be able to show quality and not just quantity.

5. Getting Published and Rejection

When you’ve finished an article and made sure it is free from errors and conveys a good message, then start sending it everywhere. You want to make sure that your article ends up in the right person’s hands. Send your articles to local newspapers, national newspapers, travel magazines, lifestyle magazines, etc.

Call and ask for the travel section or travel desk so you know your piece is going to the right place. If you don’t hear anything back, then follow up with them!

Not everyone will love what you write and you shouldn’t be discouraged by that. Sometimes you may submit something and it may just not be the right time and place for the piece but that doesn’t mean you should stop writing. Just because they say no doesn’t mean it is a bad thing but you have created a new contact in the industry.

When it comes to travel writing there could be a lot of trial and error, especially when trying to get published.

Don’t Give Up on Becoming a Travel Writer

The most essential tip on becoming a travel writer is to never give up. Keep writing and experiencing new things because you may be able to convey a lesson to readers that no one else can.

Now that you’ve learned how to become a travel writer, you can read even more articles on our blog about lifestyle and travel.